Mother Queen Evil Queen Ginaki Spirit The Dragoons Slave The Door Bitch Miss Flower Coin Collector Ginaki Queen of Light

Mother Queen

“My people are understanding the color of my heart. I was so weak once. But I let the dark bleed into the light and look at them now, they love us.”

Evil Queen

“Your Queen was once an innocent, small little thing. Then I dragged her soul to my side and she never looked back. They might refuse and run, but I shall transform them, one by one.”

Ginaki Spirit

“My sisters and I will always be watching. Get closer and you will feel the heartbeat of our stilettos!”

The Dragoons

“We have the ear of her Majesty. For her we practice the craft of transformation and seduction. One by one they shall all embrace the darkness.”


“I am always there but she barely notices me. She is so beautiful, my Queen! One day she, and all of them, will know my name.”

The Door Bitch

“Darling, how wonderful to see your alter-ego roaming the streets! I will soon let it join the others. Believe me, it’s worth the wait! Can I get some champagne please?”

Miss Flower

“Be nice to me because I hold the key to the dream.”

Coin Collector

“Hello, gorgeous, put up the coin and you shall be admitted into the kingdom.”


“Don’t let others tell you what you will see inside… Come see for yourself! We promise to entertain.”

Queen of Light

“Step into my kingdom, where the creatures embrace the darkness and are hungry for light”

Eindhoven never looked so sexy! ♥

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